About the company

About the company

Founded in 1995, Leader Medica is based in Padua, Italy. The company collaborates with professionals from both academia and trade to design, manufacture and commercialize trademarked medical products in titanium for the following fields: Orthopaedics, Maxillo-facial Surgery, Neurosurgery, Cranioplasty and Dental Implantology, with the latter representing the company’s core business.

The company carries out the whole productive processes internally, from sourcing raw material to the various production steps, ending in product packaging, which is carried out in the clean room.

Always attentive towards the patient’s needs, Leader Medica takes care to choose raw material and industrial procedures which exclude, in finished products, the presence of aluminum and any interaction with the organism.

Having been present on the international market for a decade, and working closely with medical specialists, the company has become a major player for professionals who want to supply their patients with certified and guaranteed material.

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