TiSmart Ø3.5

Product codes:
TSK3507 for height of 7 mm.
TSK3585 for height of 8.5 mm.
TSK3510 for height of 10 mm.
TSK3511 for height of 11.5 mm.
TSK3513 for height of 13 mm.
TSK3515 for height of 15 mm.

Made in Grade 4 titanium.
Platform Ø3.5 mm, apex Ø2.11 mm. 
DSA (Double Seal Action) connection with dual structure: the coronal part is conical and acts as a guide for inserting the abutment, increasing the bacterial seal. The more internal part is hexagonal, and is used to stabilize the stump and reposition the prosthesis, with 60° intervals.

Platform switching. The TiSmart Ø3.5 mm implant allows a prosthetic switch of 0.3 mm.
The coils, which have a double function thanks to their adjustable structure, allow to tune the implant’s primary stability to the bone’s hardness while inserting it.
The micro-threading in the coronal part has the objective of reducing bone reabsorption, therefore improving long-term performance.
The apical incisions allow the implant to become self-taping and easy to insert, also guaranteeing high anti-rotational properties.