While TiSmart, thanks to a deeper and more prominent coil, keeps a more cylindrical structure, TiSmart2 features a coil which, following the core implant profile, is more conical and flexible in its 3D positioning, an essential feature in Computer-Assisted planning.

Both implant systems TiSmart and TiSmart2 use the same surgical kit and share the same prosthetic components, which makes the new implant line with conical connection, made by Leader Medica, simple and flexible.

The connection’s dimensional consistency enables a “switching platform” for the prosthesis, which, with the increasing size of the implant’s diameter, increases from 0.3 mm to 1.1 mm for a 5.0 diameter.

Having a complete range of prosthetic components makes any type of prosthetic rehabilitation easier, including cemented, screw-receiving, mobile, all-on-4 and conometric prostheses.

Both manufactured with Aluminium-Free Processing, they offer the patient long-term performance and provide an absolute guarantee.